What's your application? Tools from Kreeb are used in many fields in production. Our tools can be used for deburring workpieces of all kinds of material. Or they are used for flexible grinding, mat/satin finishing and polishing of metals, wood, lacquers and plastics. Whether your application requires a pre-treatment or you need to give your workpiece the final finish, you will find the right product among the wide range of Kreeb tools.


Kreeb is your partner for the process improvement of surface finishing treatments. Many renowned customers rely for decades on our vast experience in offering custom-fitted surface finishing solutions.

Robot systems for deburring - using tailor-made tools from Kreeb which are adapted to the customer's workpieces

Kreeb offers products for the improvement of the following production processes:


  • Buffing / High-gloss polishing
  • Pre-polishing / Polishing
  • Brushing / Mat finishing / Satin finishing
  • Deburring
  • Grinding
  • Cleaning / Derusting / Descaling

The following sample applications give you an idea where Kreeb products are used:

  • Mat finish and high-gloss polishing of sanitary fittings, furniture, faucets, lusters
  • Mat finish and high-gloss polishing of exterior automotive parts
  • High-gloss finishing of interior automotive parts (wood, laquer, aluminium)
  • Mirror finish of silver ware
  • Deburring and chamfering of punched, nibbled and lasered parts
  • Deburring of gearwheels and other machined parts
  • Deburring of alloy profiles
  • Deburring of plastic parts
  • Removing of temper color
  • Removing of glue rests on edge banding machines
  • High-gloss polishing on edge banding machines
  • Fine grinding on edge grinding machines
  • High-gloss polishing of laquered furniture
  • Waxing and oiling of wooden surfaces
  • Smoothing of grinded wooden surfaces
  • Structuring of wooden surfaces
  • Roughening of plastics before glue application