Custom-made solutions are our strength

You know precisely how you want your product to be, how it has to perform, what impression the design has to make and what sorts of demands will be placed on your product. Kreeb has tailor-made solutions to meet your product's specifications.
Our customers can rely on our vast experience in offering extensive, custom-fitted surface finishing solutions. We pride ourselves in being a leader in our field due to our diversified expertise in surface finishing. Our customers can always be completely confident that our developers will have utilized the newest technology and materials available. We thrive on finding new solutions to difficult surface finishing problems. Innovative, unique or unusual describes Kreeb's approach to solving your surfacing needs.


Buffs of sisal and Mexico fibre, impregnated for cutlery finishing
Contact belt as backing of grinding belts used on long belt sanding machines
Cone shaped deburring wheels for workpieces with difficult form
Abrasive wheel with unique s-form pleating - high stability with only 20 mm width
Bias buff for FLEX finishing machines - reduced wear-out compared to normal buffs
Disc brush for removing glue spill-over on laminated surfaces

Each product has special demands with regard to surface finishing. Kreeb can supply you with the perfect tool for a wide variety of shapes and materials.

Kreeb polishing tools for mat and satin finish and high-gloss polish of aluminium, stainless steel and laquer.