Every surface must be perfect


We make a wide range of tools that offer an extensive variety of surface finishing treatments. Our tools can be used for: deburring, cleaning, grinding, satin finishing and polishing. We have solutions for products of every size and shape. Kreeb gives you the surface quality and appearance you desire even for the most oddly-shaped product. Our tools are not exclusively used for finishing outer surfaces but can also be used for the inner surfaces and have been developed to be used on many different machines. Our customers only need to provide us with an example of the unfinished product and an idea of the desired surface, and we can then develop the most suitable tool and define the individual finishing stages.

High-gloss finishing of laquered plastic parts - Deburring of gear wheels - Finish of planar workpieces -- KREEB makes the appropriate tool.

Curved surfaces - textured surfaces - smooth surfaces


Kreeb offers tools for the surface treatment of steel, stainless steel, zinc diecasting, tin, plastics, acrylic glass, brass, bronze, aluminium, laquer, gold, silver, platinum, titanium, chromium, wood

Upper row: Steel/stainless steel, Zinc diecasting/tin, Plastics/acrylic glass. Middle row: Non-ferrous metals, Aluminium, Laquers. Lower row: Precious metals,
Titanium/Chromium, Wood.

Mirror-finished laquered interior parts for the automotive industry. Kreeb manufactures the polishing buffs and bias buffs for the finishing process.