Tuned into surfaces

For over 75 years, customers of all over the world rely on our vast expertise in offering extensive, custom fitted surface finishing solutions. Innovative, unique or unusual describes Kreeb's approach to solving your surface needs.

Know-how in all important industries, innovative development of tools, flexibility and quick response time are our major strengths.

Kreeb manufactures high-quality tools for:

  • Polishing / buffing
  • Grinding
  • Mat finishing
  • Satin finishing
  • Brushing
  • Deburring
  • Cleaning
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Deburring of punched and lasered parts and metal sheets


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Product Overview

Removing of glue residues on wooden, veneer and lacquered parts

Specially designed cleaning wheels and discs for cleaning wooden, veneer and lacquered parts. Used on edge bending machines as well as other machine types. By combining different materials, the wheels are adapted to the specific application.